Thursday, November 24, 2011

swansea by the sea

In early November I took a train to my favourite day trip destination: Swansea; went to the city market, ate fresh cockles out of a bag -- and wandered down to the sea and dunes.

Marina Towers Observatory and Tower of the Ecliptic on the east beach

And the tide comes in

santa in cardiff

Santa and some of his reindeer (a few were on holiday) took a ride through Cardiff's city centre on November 10. The special occasion was marked with the illumination of the city's Christmas lights and street performers spreading smiles with their guerrilla attacks on bemused folk.

St. Nick in his sleigh on Queen Street

MusicalRuth -- a nun like none other
Pink faeries -- big ones

Reindeer chow down on lichen and moss

bute park in early november

November anywhere seems to be a bleak, dark month, especially once Daylight Savings Time ends and the clocks 'fall back'.

But November has its own beauty. Here are a few shots from Bute Park with its magnificent trees: